Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who is Man Utds Best Centre Midfielder?

Over the course of the summer much as been made about Man Utd's midfield in the absence of on C. Ronaldo. In the absence of such a dynamic and world class player on the flank more pressure and responsibility now falls on Uniteds centre of midfield. So who is uniteds best midfield is it, Scholes, Fletcher, Giggs (when he plays there), Carrick, Hargreaves or Anderson.

A strong case can be made for Paul Scholes after he roles back the years against a side like Stoke but over the course of the season and in the big matches against the othe big four sides (perhaps big 5 with the emergence of Man City) is Scholes the best option. Then comes the debate over the potiential of Anderson which I must admit is there for everyone to see. But coming into his third year at the club has this potiential grown into more? Has Anderson learn't over the past few years is he not still prone to rash passes and outrageous goal attempts. Ryan Giggs is probably the greatest player to ever grace the premiership and whilst he has put in some great performance last season in the centre of midfield, I still believe that he is more influential on the left wing as shown against, Spurs and Man City.

This now brings me to the three midfielders that I believe to be Uniteds best, Hargreaves, Carrick and Fletcher. I think Fletcher is the most improved player in the Premiership over the past 2 seasons. I think he was badly missed in the champions leagus final and at only 25 still has his best years ahead. I still think that he has something more to add to his game before he can be considered the best. Owen Hargreaves is possibly when fit Uniteds best midfielder. But until he is actually fit or if he is ever fit again we can never know for sure.

This brings me lastly to Michael Carrick. I know many football fans and United fans will question this choice. But let me explain my reasoning. Firstly in his 3 full seasons at United Michael Carrick has played more Preimership games in the centre of midfield than any other United player. In these 3 seasons United have won the league title each year. I believe a lot of the defensive cover work done by Carrick is over looked, for example that interception from Jones in the recent Sunderland game that made it possible for United to rescue a point from a draw. Many United fans would have seen that Carrick has a great shot from distance but they would also note how reluctant he appears to be to use it over past seasons. I believe that with the indulgences of Ronaldo now over and done with now Carrick will be freed up to take these efforts on in the future. Also with the opportunity to play in midfield with more defensive minded players such as Fletcher and Hargreaves we will soon see the very best of Michael Carrick

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